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About Us
CAP Elite offers fitness programs designed to offer a full-body workout that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more to prepare the body for the unexpected. At the base of all these elements is proper nutrition. These high-intensity workouts are extremely varied and all about getting the most bang for your workout buck.

CAP Elite is for everyone and anyone wanting to maximize results and live longer, happier, and healthier. ALL of our workouts are scalable, meaning beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes can all participate at our gym. Our workouts will help you look better, but that's just the beginning. More importantly, our workouts were developed to improve your quality of life, no matter how old you are. At CAP Elite, our gym is comprised of moms, dads, grandparents, business professionals, teachers, policemen, firemen, military and students. This broad demographic creates a great environment that anyone can be comfortable in.
"It's funny because I never in a million years have ever been one to workout, for any reason. But CAP CrossFit came into my life and I can't tell you how much it's helped me. I joined mostly for the same reason as anyone else would. I wanted to tone my body and become stronger. Never did I imagine it to make me feel as good as I do today! Not only is my body getting stronger, my mind is also becoming just as strong. It makes you want to push yourself not only while you're at the gym, but in life as well. It makes you realize what you can accomplish with a strong mind. It's one of the best things that has happened to me and i would recommend it for anyone."
Rielli Featheringham
"I have been coming to this gym for almost 5 years. It has become one of the most important places to me. I have a family in this gym, lifelong friends, soul sistas! I don't know what I ever did without this circle of motivators, but I am grateful to be a part of such a fun box. We motivate, we laugh, sometimes we cry, but we look good when we do it! I have gotten into the best shape of my life. My son started when he was 14 and was ripped in as little as a month. I told him if he did it for one month, I would sign up for the year, and he did it. He continued with his training to powerlifting in high school, and did great! Great gym, amazing coaches, and wonderful friends. Kim will modify workouts for you while you get stronger and stronger."
Melissa Albanese-Duncan
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