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CAP Elite offers fitness programs designed to offer a full-body workout that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more to prepare the body for the unexpected. At the base of all these elements is proper nutrition. These high-intensity workouts are extremely varied and all about getting the most bang for your workout buck.

CAP Elite is for everyone and anyone wanting to maximize results and live longer, happier, and healthier. ALL of our workouts are scalable, meaning beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes can all participate at our gym. Our workouts will help you look better, but that's just the beginning. More importantly, our workouts were developed to improve your quality of life, no matter how old you are. At CAP Elite, our gym is comprised of moms, dads, grandparents, business professionals, teachers, policemen, firemen, military and students. This broad demographic creates a great environment that all can be comfortable in.
Tom Williams
Delma Talley
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It's 2010, I'm well over 250lbs, I'm 32 years old and I'm happy, but not with me. My oldest daughter at this time has expressed to me that she wants to workout, so this is my excuse to join a gym. After asking around, we are told of CAP Elite Fitness. We decided to give it a try. As we enter a place I have NEVER stepped foot in my entire life, we meet Kim and Eddie. I didn't know that day, but that place and those people would change my life! I've never been an athletic person, ever. So this journey was not going to be easy, but I pledged forward as I have to do this for "my daughter" this was her idea...LOL. After a few weeks she decides it's not for her and quits, and I'm left with a decision to make: I could quit with her, I mean, I only did this 'cause it's what she wanted, not me...only that wasn't the truth. I did want it, I was just to afraid to admit it because I didn't think I could do it. Hell, I was a smoker and I drank and I have never worked out in my life, who was I kidding. Well, I decided I would stick it out and see what happened. I remember the first 5 weeks I wasn't even allowed to workout with a barbell, I had to use a PVC pipe...talk about feeling stupid, but they were teaching me the fundamentals, the basics. I mean, let's get real here, I have no idea what I'm doing, I should be grateful they didn't stick that heavy bar in my hands and lord knows I didn't know how to use it. Well, time went on and I finally graduated from that plastic pipe to that bar and I began to discover things about myself that I could do that I never thought possible. I remember the first time I realized it was working. My husband who travels a lot for work had been gone for about 21 days and he came home and went to hug me and said, "where did you go?" I was like, "what do you mean, I'm right here?!" He said, "no, like you're smaller, where did it go?" (I was still wearing big clothes, I saw myself everyday so I didn't notice I had lost weight or inches) I told him, "well, I have been going to that gym I told you about and changed my diet just a little, I guess I lost some weight?" He was like, "yes you did, I can totally tell." It was in that moment I decided that I wanted to keep going, I wanted to quit smoking, quit drinking. I wanted to see just how far I could go. He gave me the strength just by the way he looked at me. In that moment, I liked me just a lil' bit. So I went back over and over. I remember the first time I went to buy new jeans. I was at Old Navy and I was in the dressing room. I always wore an 18-ish size in jeans, so I grab an 18 and a 16 and tried them on...both too BIG?! I was like wth? So I went a grabbed a 16 and 14...both too big. I was in a 12! I remember crying in the dressing room. I had never been a 12! Then I jumped up and down I was so excited, and it only pumped me up even more, so the next day I talked to Kim and Eddie about nutrition and I just dug deep with all I had. I've had so many highs, lows, ups and downs. We've had to move a few times, we've had to deal with life on life's terms, but even when my journey at CAP ended, I stayed in touch with Kim and Eddie over the years and I stayed on and off my fitness journey. I have had good training, great training, and even some bad. I've learned a lot about myself throughout this journey as well, and even though I have done CrossFit for 8 years, there are still things I can't do, and that's okay because I finally am at a place in life where I am happy with me and I'm confident in me, and I can even say I love me! I have lost a total of 100+ lbs. I went from a size 18-20 to a size 8. I quit smoking and drinking and, yes, I have myself to thank for that, but also have CAP to thank as well. Kim and Eddie, you are both amazing coaches, people, friends, but mostly family. 8 years and I'm still going strong! Thank you both so much for the training, the nutrition (I still cheat once in a while), the life lessons, but more than anything, thank you for the everlasting friendship. You helped me start this journey and it has changed my life forever!"
Mandy Scott 

For everyone that is on the ropes about starting CrossFit, the answer is just go check it out. Everyone here at CAP are just ordinary people but also very helpful. I started CrossFit a little over two years ago after a 4-month battle with cancer/chemo. While I was doing my chemo at MD Anderson, I told my wife that when I got better, I wanted to change me. I wasn't happy with myself. Finished chemo 10/15...started CrossFit 1/16.  Day 1 - thought I was going to die!  Coach Kim Love encouraged me and trained me in the proper way to perform the movements that we do in CrossFit. She helped me with my diet plan as well. I embraced the hard times of getting in shape to, now, CrossFit at 5:30am at CAP being the best hour of my day. I never was the gym type growing up, but I was always active. I will be 45 in July and have never felt better. We work together as a group at CAP and everything is structured so you don't have to wander around and guess at what to do.  Well, hope to see you at our box. Make the new you a fit one!"
Corey Summer 

It's funny because I never in a million years have ever been one to workout, for any reason. But CAP CrossFit came into my life and I can't tell you how much it's helped me. I joined mostly for the same reason as anyone else would. I wanted to tone my body and become stronger. Never did I imagine it to make me feel as good as I do today! Not only is my body getting stronger, my mind is also becoming just as strong. It makes you want to push yourself not only while you're at the gym, but in life as well. It makes you realize what you can accomplish with a strong mind. It's one of the best things that has happened to me and i would recommend it for anyone."
Rielli Featheringham

I have been coming to this gym for almost 5 years. It has become one of the most important places to me. I have a family in this gym, lifelong friends, soul sistas! I don't know what I ever did without this circle of motivators, but I am grateful to be a part of such a fun box. We motivate, we laugh, sometimes we cry, but we look good when we do it! I have gotten into the best shape of my life. My son started when he was 14 and was ripped in as little as a month. I told him if he did it for one month, I would sign up for the year, and he did it. He continued with his training to powerlifting in high school, and did great! Great gym, amazing coaches, and wonderful friends. Kim will modify workouts for you while you get stronger and stronger."
Melissa Albanese-Duncan
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