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CAP Elite Centers for Athletic Performance was founded in 2003 and specializes in helping athletes ages 7 and up with improving strength, power, speed, balance, agility and conditioning.

Our systematic approach progresses athletes through our 3 levels of development.

CAP uses state of the art equipment in order to maximize training time and results.

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Today's competitive sports environment demands that athletes become more specialized in order to realize the levels of success that serious athletes strive to achieve. Whether it's sacrificing for a world championship, striving to earn a scholarship, or simply making the team, it is essential that modern athletes participate in some kind of advanced integrated training program in order to maximize his or her athletic ability.

The basic components of an integrated training program that enhance true athleticism consist of flexibility, stabilization, balance, power, strength, speed and nutrition. The Centers for Fitness and Athletic Performance (CAP) has developed the leading methodology in integrated performance training that prepares any level athlete to not only compete at optimum levels, but help prevent serious injuries as well.

CAP is an advanced, cutting-edge training company that is setting new standards by using scientific research and technology to combine traditional strength training philosophies with functional performance techniques. The result is a world-class program that systematically progresses athletes of any level from a foundation of joint integrity and injury prevention, through explosive strength training, and ultimately fine tuning agility and athletic speed.

The CAP management team has assembled a world-class advisory board responsible for cooperatively developing the CAP Programs. This accomplished group of individuals has developed an unprecedented, combined number of champion athletes that have competed at every level of competitive sports including Professionals, World-Champions, Olympians, Collegiate National Champions, Heisman Trophy Winners and High School State Champions.
The CAP Programs consist of 4 Core Modules that are designed to guide the athletes through a progressive training program that pushes them to reach their potential one level at a time. Each 4 level Module starts by helping the athlete understand the form and technique required to achieve their athletic potential, by focusing on the foundations of strengthening athletic movement (Levels 1 and 2), then building towards multi-directional speed and power production (Levels 3 and 4).

This systematic approach to improving multi-directional speed and power allows CAP to set the standards in athletic performance training!

Core Stabilization
Injury Prevention
Athletic Positioning
Biomechanics of Movement
Joint Strength
Core Strength
Multi-Planer Movement
Explosive Strength
Landing Stability
Acceleration & Deceleration work
Jump Training
Explosive Power
Power & Agility
Strengthening the Stride
Lean Body Mass Nutrition
Athletic Speed & Specificity
Meal plans
Sports Programs:
Baseball & Softball
Adventure Racing
Track & Field
and more...
The CAP Athletic Performance Training Methodology is a comprehensive program merging the best performance coaches, equipment, and research to create the first nationwide performance network, where athletes are taught to perform highly skilled, explosive movements while maintaining proper body position to effectively achieve maximum speed in all directions. In other words, true athleticism!

CAP offers several packages that help athletes participate in our programs including individual packages, team packages, sport-specific packages, adult recreational packages and maintenance packages that make the CAP Programs affordable and available for anyone.

CAP will guarantee that any athlete that participates in our Elite Package will improve in strength, power and speed. In order to receive the CAP Guarantee, an athlete must attend every session and not miss more than 2 consecutive sessions during the program. If an athlete does not improve, CAP will give an additional 1-month of training for free.

This develops the structural integrity of the athlete, and can be used to accelerate the return to sport phase of rehabilitation or establish a base of injury prevention for healthy athletes. Here the athlete stabilizes athletic movement and learns how to effectively position for power.
This focuses on increasing the strength used in athletic movement. Starting with joint stabilization and progressing into hypertrophy and strength development, the athlete will finish this phase with a strong foundation on which to build an athletic career.
This Module is build around explosive, athletic extension of the ankle, knee and hip. Speed through this "triple extension" is the primary focus of the Olympic lifting and plyometric principles used in this Phase. This powerful, multi-directional movement is the primary factor in improving athletic performance.
Athletic speed is when vertical, lateral, and rotational power are accelerated, and then combined with the stability and strength to efficiently absorb cutting forces. In this Phase, the athlete uses the knowledge and abilities gained in the previous Modules to effectively reach top speed. This is the ultimate in athletic development, the end point.
Each Core Module incorporates the "Levels Process." There are four Levels within each module.
     Level 1 - laying the foundation of joint integrity and structural stabilization
     Level 2 - strengthening the movements of that module
     Level 3 - adding the "explosive" component
     Level 4 - athletic movement specificity and speed
CAP Elite offers fitness programs designed to offer a full-body workout that combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics, core training and more to prepare the body for the unexpected. At the base of all these elements is proper nutrition. These high-intensity workouts are extremely varied and all about getting the most bang for your workout buck.

CAP Elite is for everyone and anyone wanting to maximize results and live longer, happier, and healthier. ALL of our workouts are scalable, meaning beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes can all participate at our gym. Our workouts will help you look better, but that's just the beginning. More importantly, our workouts were developed to improve your quality of life, no matter how old you are. At CAP Elite, our gym is comprised of moms, dads, grandparents, business professionals, teachers, policemen, firemen, military and students. This broad demographic creates a great environment that all can be comfortable in.
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It's funny because I never in a million years have ever been one to workout, for any reason. But CAP CrossFit came into my life and I can't tell you how much it's helped me. I joined mostly for the same reason as anyone else would. I wanted to tone my body and become stronger. Never did I imagine it to make me feel as good as I do today! Not only is my body getting stronger, my mind is also becoming just as strong. It makes you want to push yourself not only while you're at the gym, but in life as well. It makes you realize what you can accomplish with a strong mind. It's one of the best things that has happened to me and i would recommend it for anyone."
Rielli Featheringham

I have been coming to this gym for almost 5 years. It has become one of the most important places to me. I have a family in this gym, lifelong friends, soul sistas! I don't know what I ever did without this circle of motivators, but I am grateful to be a part of such a fun box. We motivate, we laugh, sometimes we cry, but we look good when we do it! I have gotten into the best shape of my life. My son started when he was 14 and was ripped in as little as a month. I told him if he did it for one month, I would sign up for the year, and he did it. He continued with his training to powerlifting in high school, and did great! Great gym, amazing coaches, and wonderful friends. Kim will modify workouts for you while you get stronger and stronger."

My experience with CAP Elite has been extremely beneficial. Their program trains the whole athlete and will have you in the best shape of your life. CAP Elite has the best facilities and training equipment in the area, and the new high speed treadmill is just incredible. After going through the speed program on the treadmill, I have felt faster than I ever have on the football field. If you are looking to compete with the top athletes or just looking to lose a few pounds, I strongly recommend this program to you."
Grant Cooper
College Football Player & Current High School Coach

CAP Elite is incredible! In just 3 months my vertical jump increased 4 inches and my 40 time improved by 0.2 seconds, all while I gained 12 pounds. I never thought that would happen at the level that I already am. After training with several other programs, I think CAP Elite is the best!
Keeon Johnson
Professional Football Player

I want you to know how much CAP Elite has helped Robbie so far. A couple of weeks ago his team played in inner city tournament where Robbie was matched up with a 16-year old version of Kobe Bryant and amazingly matched up very well! His confidence and defensive skills were greatly improved due to his newfound talent, which he attributed to your program. His quickness and strength were definitely improved. I could see the difference in his foot speed and rebounding and he, without provocation, told me your program improved his physical skills. Then, after skipping your program for a 2-week period, he mentioned he could tell the difference in the PEP in his step and he told me, "Dad, I really need to get back to CAP Elite."
Wayne Prejean

CAP Elite has been working with our top 17's for 3 months now and the results are amazing! There is a definite improvement in team speed and muscular endurance, which has helped us maintain a top-5 national ranking. We plan on continuing our relationship with CAP Elite, as our goal is to win the National Championship. I highly recommend CAP Elite to any team looking to take their game to the next level!
Lee Baker
Head Trainer, Texans Soccer Club

After a year of training by myself by running, lifting weights and jumping boxes, my vertical went up 2 inches. In just the first 3 weeks of training with CAP Elite, my vertical went up 3 inches! I saw a significant increase in not only my vertical, but my speed and agility as well. I recommend CAP Elite to those like me that have tried to get better on their own but saw little results. CAP Elite is really worth it!
Christina Sumrow
Volleyball Player

CAP Elite is amazing! My vertical jump went up 5 inches in just 2 months. My increased power helped me to be quicker and more explosive, which helped me win a starting position at center. I highly recommend CAP Elite to anyone!
Matt Sobotik
High School Football Player

My son Bobby was selected as the 18 4A Newcomer of the Year and was also selected on the Montgomery County All-County Team as Newcomer of the Year and had the great honor of being selected on the 4A All-State Team as a Pitcher. All of these honors are very humbling by our family and for Bobby.
Accomplishing this as a freshman in high school was just amazing. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your workout program and what it has done for Bobby. He was so much stronger after he came out of your program than he was before he started. Also, he has developed self esteem and has continued to work on your program on his own during the season. Before getting him to work on his own was next to impossible. Many thanks to Eddie at CAP Elite and we look forward to working out in the fall."
Jimmy Stone
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